Jerome and Bako’s Story

For Jerome and Bako, it’s the rise in confidence that was their biggest achievement from volunteering with Restless Development.

“I was able to achieve my goals” shared Bako when asked about his proudest achievement. “For example, I learned to be resilient. In Uganda, if you don’t learn to be resilient, you might meet with failures.”

I learned to work with others in a team. I learned a lot from my colleagues who have different abilities which can be used to accomplish a task as a team. 


“I urge the youth to join youth-led movements like this. For example, when we monitored and did community assessments, we met people with brilliant ideas. They advise us on what steps to take.”

Jerome shares a similar experience.

“Volunteering experience expanded my skills.”

The achievements I am most proud of are my knowledge in monitoring and evaluation skills, communication skills, working with others, and solving problems.


“Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I was a very shy person but volunteering with the Development alternative has helped me with my public speaking skills. My communication and problem skills have also improved as a result of volunteering with the Development Alternative.”

“It’s important that young people lead the change in our communities. Because it is young people who are most aware of the changes that need to take place.”

Both Bako and Jerome are Restless Development volunteers for Development Alternative. The Development Alternative is a group of organisations trying to change what it means to do development.