Bringing generations together for change

Learning from intergenerational approaches to address issues facing older and younger people.

A society for all ages is one where older and younger generations live in harmony together.

That’s why projects that bring together older and younger people to work on activities promoting cross-generational bonding while addressing issues affecting them and their community are needed now more than ever. 

Older and younger people in Moldova are now working together to build intergenerational social connections and improve their digital skills.

Learning from older and younger generations.

This guide, produced in collaboration with HelpAge International and partners, captures key principles and practical steps to inspire effective intergenerational action. The learning is drawn from initiatives where two or more generations have come together for mutual benefit and to promote greater communication, understanding, and respect.

  • The guide gathers 10 case studies that offer learning about what it’s possible to achieve by bringing generations together for change.
  • It looks at the wider experience of organisations that use an intergenerational approach in their work to address challenges common to different age groups.
  • It also highlights gaps in knowledge and analysis that give rise to new questions.
  • We hope the guide, case studies, and resources provide useful practical insights into intergenerational approaches.

This guide is for anyone who using or thinking of using – an intergenerational approach in their work to address ageing challenges and the issues facing older and younger people.

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