Franco, a youth climate activist in Uganda

Living in the Climate Crisis: Young people in Uganda

Climate change is affecting young people in Uganda. How are they addressing the crises?

Climate disruptions are having severe and adverse effects on people’s lives and livelihoods, demanding immediate and coordinated action. Our understanding of climate change must take into account its impacts on those most at risk of severe climate disruption – particularly young people in Africa. This research focuses on young people in Uganda, one of the world’s youngest countries.

Listening and supporting young people to lead their communities out of climate disaster and towards environmental justice – this is how humanity can create a clean, green, and sustainable future.

Charles Mankhwazi, Research Manager at Restless Development Uganda

‘Living in the Climate Crisis: Young people in Uganda’ documents the diverse livelihood strategies of young people living in Uganda, the impacts of climate change on their lives, and the adaptation and mitigation strategies that they have employed to address the crises so far.

This research presents a vivid picture of how climate disruptions are already impacting young people. These impacts are set to intensify in the coming decades.

Living in the Climate Crisis: Young people in Uganda

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