It’s Our Future Report

Building better education and work for young people in a post-pandemic world.

Restless Development was asked to conduct a youth-led research, assembling the specific challenges and opportunities of young people. This report provides interesting and relevant insights on the perceptions of young people about their lives and the way COVID-19 has affected them.
Their observations about the importance of matching the skills that young people learn with the jobs that are available are relevant.

Even more now, with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the prospects of young people hard. Meanwhile the research also highlights the positive role young people play in their societies in the response. The report convincingly mentions the importance of meaningful youth participation in decision-making and supporting youth-led organisations.

The findings of this report form the foundation of the Youth at Heart Principles which were presented during the Youth at Heart Virtual Forum and that called on international players to put the youth at heart
of their work.

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