Goal 1: Civic Participation

Young people constitute over 70% of Uganda’s population. However they are often excluded from decision making processes which relate to their own lives and the development of their communities. At Restless Development we believe young people’s energy and enthusiasm are assets for development. We create opportunities for young people to engage in decision-making processes. For example Restless Development organised a National Youth Consultation to gain youth input to the National Development Strategy. We supported youth in Karamoja to research livelihoods and land issues and present them to government and traditional community leaders.

We have supported youth to organise their own peace-building activities in Karamoja, and we also support young people to advocate for youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services.

A key model used is youth-led research, through which young people gain knowledge about their communities which in turn providers credibility with decision-makers. To read more of our research, please look at the Resources section here.

Civic Participation

Goal 2: Livelihoods and Employment

83% of 15-24 year old in Uganda are unemployed. We work with young people to help them build sustainable livelihoods through establishing market-driven enterprises. We address youth unemployment by connecting young people to mentors in the local business community and identify job-shadowing and work placement opportunities.

Through our YouthMap programme we provided 100 young graduates with 6 month internships placements in the government, private and NGO sectors. Out of the first cohort of fifty interns, twenty-seven gained full time employment, thirty-two established small enterprises and eight are pursuing further education.


Goal 3: Sexual and Reproductive Health

Access to sexual and reproductive health information and services is still a challenge for young people in Uganda. We work with young people through schools, youth groups and communities to raise awareness on HIV, family planning and other sexual and reproductive health issues. We train health centre staff to deliver youth-friendly services and work with government and service providers to strengthen local referral systems, ensuring that young people are able to access the information and services that they need.

Sexual and Reproductive Health


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