Uganda is home to 41.5 million people and is experiencing one of the highest population growth rates in Africa. Young people constitute over 70% of Uganda’s population. However, they are often excluded from decision making processes which relate to their own lives and the development of their communities. At Restless Development we believe young people’s energy and enthusiasm are the best assets for development.


We offer opportunities for young people to engage in decision-making by creating spaces for them to voice out their opinions and share evidence on the key issues affecting their lives. Restless Development Uganda organised a national youth consultation to ensure youth’s input was incorporated into the development of our strategy. We supported youth in Karamoja to lead a research on livelihoods and land issues and present them to government and traditional community leaders. For the last couple of years, we have supported AfriYAN, a network of youth-led organizations, to advocate for Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights at national level.

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Uganda has a higher rising GDP than most other African nations, which is a result from strong economic reforms and a relative political stability. There was a rebound in private sector investment after the 2015 elections, leading to more opportunities for youth employment. However, 83% of 15-24 year olds in Uganda are still unemployed. We work with young people to help them build sustainable livelihoods through skills development, establishing market-driven enterprises, and creating job-shadowing and work placement opportunities.

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Access to sexual and reproductive health information and services is still a challenge for young people in Uganda. We work with young people through schools, youth groups, and communities to raise awareness on HIV, family planning and other sexual and reproductive health issues. We train health centre staff to deliver youth-friendly services and work with government and service providers to strengthen local referral systems, ensuring that young people are able to access the information and services they need.

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Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights for Karamojong Youth


All our programmes are youth-led. We empower young people to lead our programmes, from design to evaluation. We equip them with the skills needed to conduct research, deliver peer to peer training, and collect data to monitor progress of our work. These young leaders are bringing transformative change to the communities they’re working with by engaging with in and out of school youth and other key stakeholders who support them in their efforts to address youth related issues.

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Uganda, along with the rest of the world, is experiencing Peak Youth, the largest youth generation in history. This is a  historic opportunity. At Restless Development, we envision young people demanding and delivering  sustainable world for all. In order to accomplish this , we are building a Youth Collective, a global movement of those committed to youth-led change, to unleash the power of youth-led change on a far bigger scale than we could achieve alone. Collectively, we can achieve greater improvements in lives and communities and faster progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The Youth Collective is made up of: young people, youth-led organizations, movements and networks, and partners and individuals who support youth-led change. There is no age limit to the youth collective! Join today!

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We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.