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  • Getting By Report - Young People's Working Lives

  • Unleashing The Power of Youth to Change Our World

    Our Global Strategy: This strategy is not about harnessing the power of youth to do what others think is best. It’s about unleashing youth leadership as an agency of change in its own right. With our Restless Model putting youth at the heart of development, we believe we have the key to unlock this potential on a global scale.

  • Annual Report 2017

    Our Global 2017 Annual Report: Read stories from young people around the world and find out about some of our learnings and successes.

  • agency plan

    Restless Development’s Global Strategy diagnoses a historic challenge facing development, responding with a Model for Change that unleashes power at the heart of communities and hands back ownership of development to the very communities we serve via the Restless Model working alongside young people’s ultimate Goals.

  • Youth Leading The World Summary

    In January 2017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Denmark launched a new strategy for Denmark’s development cooperation and humanitarian action: ‘The World 2030’, with youth as a key focus area of the strategy. The 19 recommendations outlined in this report – covering gender equality, employment, democratic governance and human rights, humanitarian action and youth leadership – demonstrate how this vision for youth can be put into practice.

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