Charity Bafana

Charity is the Head of People, Safety and Wellbeing. She is dedicated to youth development, with over 15 years of experience in organizational development, people management, and leadership training. Her career has been a consistent pursuit of empowering young people to become leaders, both within organizations and academic settings.

Charity’s track record showcases her ability to lead teams, develop and implement impactful programs, and drive positive organizational change. She possesses a keen expertise in crafting and implementing systems, policies, and strategic plans that have demonstrably yielded significant performance improvements.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Charity fosters a deep passion for the well-being of  professionals. She champions the creation of safe, nurturing environments that enable individuals to flourish and reach their full potential.
When she is not working Charity spends her time being chauffeur to her 2 young daughters to various after school activities.