Caleb Masasu

Caleb Masusu, as the Voice & Democracy Manager at Restless Development, is at the forefront of empowering young voices to create just, sustainable, and democratic futures worldwide. With a background of over seven years in Global and National advocacy and policy influencing, Caleb plays a crucial role in ensuring that youth perspectives are heard and considered by decision-makers.

He leads the organization’s flagship project, Democracy Moves, a global network dedicated to promoting democracy and governance, demonstrating his adeptness in managing complex global programs. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies and a Masters degree in Public Health Policy and is committed to integrating youth power and global health equity. 

Caleb is passionate about agriculture. On any given day, he is likely to be found tending to his pine tree plantation. He would like  to plant 10, 000 pine trees by 2030.