Our Social Media Guidelines

How to engage in our online spaces.

We use our social media channels to support and promote young people taking action for a just and sustainable world, and convene digital spaces for young activists, fundraisers, campaigners and youth civil society. We share opportunities, events and news about Youth Power and the Youth Collective, and hold conversations about how to make positive change through youth action. We want to hear from you on our social media channels. 

It’s important that we keep conversation on our social media safe, respectful and accessible. Here is some guidance for how to engage on our channels:

  • Respect others and their opinions
  • Do not discriminate against others
  • Do share opportunities and relevant information
  • Don’t share content you do not have the legal right, or informed consent, to share
  • Do engage with others and collaborate
  • Don’t make personal attacks, or post content that is defamatory, libellous, obscene, abusive, inflammatory, hateful or threatening
  • Do not share misinformation
  • Do not contravene the rules of the platform

If you don’t adhere to these guidelines, your comment will be removed and you may be blocked.

We want to make these spaces accessible and safe for all young people. If you have any feedback to help us improve our digital practice, please email comms@restlessdevelopment.org .
If you need to raise a concern, please contact confidential@restlessdevelopment.org. The safety of the young people we engage with is our top priority.  Find out more about our approach to safeguarding, and our confidential whistleblowing policy on our website.