International Youth Day Virtual Event

How are young people changing the world? On Thursday 12th August 2021, Restless Development celebrated International Youth Day by bringing together three brilliant young leaders to discuss the achievements of young people over the last year and insights into how young people are changing the world. Our Young Restless Speakers Nafisa Ferdous, Senior Program Manager, …

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“This is not what real leaders do”

“Right now, the world needs leadership to help us emerge from this pandemic – cutting lifesaving aid at such a crucial moment is not what real leaders do”, says Rosanne Palmer-White, Restless Development’s UK & Influencing Director.

Young People’s Views on Sustainable Cities & Communities

Young people from around the world came together on 11th June for a youth-led discussion on ecosystem restoration, the theme of this year’s Environment Day, and its relationship with sustainable cities and communities. The world’s cities occupy just 3% of the Earth’s land, but account for 60-80% of energy consumption and 75% of carbon emissions. …


Young Feminist Manifesto

Towards Greater Youth-Led Accountability at the UN. The Generation Equality Forum (GEF) is a major advocacy platform seeking to accelerate Gender Equality around the world. The registration for the GEF Paris Forum on June 30-July 2nd, 2021 is open for all youth-led organisations to participate remotely. While UN Spaces are strategic spaces for civil society, …