Youth Advocates from Nepalgunj participate in the training program.

GreenShift Nepal Empowers Young Leaders Through Training Program.

Green Shift: Circularity of Plastic Waste for Net-Zero Carbon Nepal.

GreenShift Nepal, a four-year project funded by the European Union, promotes a just transition to a circular economy in nine municipalities across Bagmati, Madhesh, and Lumbini provinces. Led by CREASION alongside partners Restless Development and Youth Innovation Lab (YI-LAB), the project empowers young environmental leaders through two key initiatives in its first year:

  • Climate Smart Schools: This initiative integrated climate change education and sustainable practices into the curriculums of participating schools.
  • Youth Advocacy Groups: This initiative supports youth-led environmental projects through grants and training programs. These groups tackle environmental issues within their communities, often focusing on innovative solutions like plastic waste reduction.
Focal teachers from GreenShift Nepal’s Climate Smart Schools discuss program implementation.

Building Capacity for Change.

GreenShift Nepal’s focus on empowering local communities for environmental action was evident in their recent three-day training program held from May 23rd to 25th, 2024. The program brought together educators from Climate Smart Schools and young leaders from GreenShift Nepal’s Youth Advocacy Groups, all located in Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Bardibas Municipality, and Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City. These advocacy groups were recognized for their innovative solutions to tackling plastic waste, a major environmental concern in these regions.

GreenShift Nepal’s Youth Advocacy groups pitching their proposal.

Participants explored crucial topics like gender equality, social inclusion, communication strategies, monitoring and evaluation, project reporting, and financial management through informative sessions, interactive presentations, and discussions. By the program’s end, both groups had developed action plans outlining their ideas for creating a more sustainable future within their communities.

We at Restless Development Nepal are deeply inspired by the passion and dedication displayed by these young leaders. Their powerful voices and innovative ideas offer a promising glimpse of a cleaner, greener Nepal.

 Participants working together in fun team building activities.