More than ever we need young people’s leadership to solve challenges our communities face. Our work to support the journey of young people to become a leader in their own right and help them multiply that leadership in their communities is even more needed. We need young people that are able to work with their communities to identify community challenges and offer community-driven and owned solutions to those challenges.

Every year we train, mentor, nurture and connect thousands of young people to lead change. We saw young people we trained to become social entrepreneurs, setting up businesses, youth advocates, and campaigning on issues like gender equality, climate justice, HIV and many others. No matter the issue, young leaders are working in communities to achieve the same goal: improve their lives and the lives of people in their communities, deal with gender based violence misinformation, support young people to be responsible citizens and above all young people lead work in their communities. In 2021 our young leaders played a huge role in reaching out to 2,923 young people with HIV and AIDS, Gender Based Violence messages. Overall we directly reached out to over 4,351 young people and other community members.



2022 was a year in which we learned a lot about young people and the agency at which youth should remain core to our activities.


Thousands of young people are trained, mentored, nurtured, and connected each year to become young leaders. Some are social entrepreneurs who start businesses to support their families and create jobs, while others are youth advocates who campaign on issues such as gender equality, climate justice, HIV/AIDS, and many others.

Since 1985, we have been working in Zimbabwe. We partner with young people to ensure that their voices are heard in decisions that affect their lives, bodies, health and well-being, livelihoods, and communities

Zimbabwe Hub operates in six provinces: Harare, Mashonaland East, Manicaland, the Midlands, Masvingo, and Matabeleland North. We have 13 staff members and 64 young leaders supporting community activities in 14 districts.

Restless Development Zimbabwe Hub has supported young people to lead, raise awareness, and organise to end AIDS as a global pandemic by 2030. 15 Youth Ambassadors from 13 countries around the world were empowered to end inequalities that are impeding the end of AIDS by 2030.