Youth Manifesto for the 2012 Elections

This manifesto shares the thoughts, hopes, expectations and fears of young people around the 2012 elections and their vision for a brighter Sierra Leone of the future.

The manifesto was an advocacy tool whose goal is to inform and influence those involved in contesting the elections, bodies administering the elections, donors and civil society organisations about the valuable and important contribution young people can make to strengthening good governance and democratic processes. It does not represent the views of all young people in Sierra Leone, but rather gives a snapshot of opinion from a varied cross-section of society.

I have registered to vote for the first time in my life… Most people I know have registered… I have not met any of the candidates nor have I received any civic education but I plan to vote for the candidates that will do the most to develop the country. I am very excited to be voting for the first time.

19 year old student

The manifesto was launched at a multi-stakeholder workshop in October 2012 and further distributed via the internet and radio, through youth civil society networks and other means. As both a mouthpiece for young peoples views and attitudes as well as an example of a youth-led advocacy tool created by young people themselves, it has continued to be a useful reference tool for those involved in promoting youth civic participation and involvement in governance processes.

Youth Manifesto for the 2012 Elections

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