Youth Collective Appeal – USA

Will you give today and make it possible for young people to create more change in communities across the world?

Right now, every pound you give to this appeal will be matched by a generous Restless Development supporter (up to $40,000 ).

This year will be more challenging for young people than ever before – they are facing up against a roll-back on women’s rights, an impending climate crisis, multiple televised conflicts as well as 2024 being the biggest election year in history. And yet today, young people are taking a stand, responding and taking action in their communities. 

Here’s where Restless Development – and you-come in. We do change differently. We know that typical efforts to tackle poverty, gender equality, climate change, and other issues too often do not include the young people in those countries. That’s why we created the Youth Collective, a network of 5,000 youth groups around the world, with an ambition to fund, nurture, celebrate and connect youth power.


Every pound you give to this appeal will be matched by a generous Restless Development supporter (up to $40,000 ).

Year of the Youth Collective!

The Youth Collective has never been more needed.With half the world’s population under thirty, and 2024 being a year of crisis, conflicts and crucial elections, we can’t let young people go unheard. But young leaders simply can’t do their vital work without resources, and have told us how challenging it is to secure funding and to get the support they need to thrive. Without the power of young people we don’t stand a chance of delivering a just and sustainable future for all.

However, with your generous support, we can help to unlock the potential of young people across the world. Your support will mean we can train, mobilise and support more young leaders, and show what’s possible when you believe in youth power. 

I am championing sustainable farming practices to ensure that the land we inherited from our grandfathers remains bountiful for generations to come.


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What will our Youth Power Appeal in 2024 help us to do?

  • Nurture Youth Power-we will deliver a series of 12 Leadership Labs to build the capacity of our Youth Collective members on topics ranging from how to access funding to how to organise a climate campaign online. We will also create a Youth Power Champion steering group who will make sure Restless Development are walking the talk in shifting power to young people – and helping us do this even more!
  • Fund Youth Power-we are building a flexible pot of funding, which will allow young leaders to test ideas, fast-tracking change. We will also run a series of Donor Dialogue sessions to connect funders and young people, again increasing young people’s access to funding.
  • Celebrate Youth Power– we will showcase the positive impact young people are already making and inspire others to do the same whilst increasing visibility to decision-makers.
  • Connect Youth Power-we plan to hold more networking events than ever, both virtual and in-person, providing safe spaces for young people to collaborate and share what works – ultimately we aim to grow the Youth Collective to 100,000.

To Restless Development, your support is instrumental in fostering stories like the one I am sharing with the world, shaping a future where youth power is the driving force of positive positive change.



Every pound you give to this appeal will be matched by a generous Restless Development supporter (up to $40,000 ).

We can’t wait to see the future you and our young leaders create together!