The Missing Majority

Young people’s voices are not being heard in global decision making platforms.

Leaders hold the world’s future in their hands. Yet they’re not listening to the majority.

young people shared their messages to world leaders attending COP27

Young people make up half of the world’s population. But they are being excluded, especially those from countries most severely affected by intersecting crises – for example on climate change, education or democracy – where the majority of the world’s young people live. This poses a serious threat to the success of global agreements that will fail without the inclusion of the voices of the world’s younger generations.

#MissingMajority calls for strengthened youth participation and voice across global processes that are seeking to address the greatest crises of our time.

This campaign provides a platform for young people to be heard. A platform to share their stories, demand greater ambition from leaders and ensure no young people are getting left behind.

We must stand together with young people to support their inclusion and participation.

#MissingMajority at COP27

Join Restless Development at COP27

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#MissingMajority at TES

Young people are demanding radical change to global education systems.

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#MissingMajority at COP26

In 2021, Restless Development and Lightful supported five young climate activists from across the world to travel to Glasgow to bring as many youth voices into COP26 as possible.

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