A world where young people are active citizens, where institutions are accessible, and responsive to young people, and where young people can influence those with power.

Young people are heavily affected by Tanzania‘s urgent development challenges, and Tanzania's National Youth Development Policy (NYDP) 2007 advocates for young people to be active participants and leaders in the development of the nation. Despite this, there are few opportunities for young people to participate in formal political processes or in the design of programmes and policies that aim to address their concerns. As a result they risk being left behind with policies that do not cater to their unique needs and experiences. In addition to this a large gap exists between paper policies and what is implemented on the ground. In 2014 the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Independent Reporting Mechanism, witnessed that few of the 25 Tanzanian government’s international commitments had been completed.

Restless Development has built an emerging civic engagement programme to enable young people, through the required skills and opportunities, to participate in critical decision-making processes. We have been building significant platforms and expertise to strengthen citizen voice driven by young people, deepening our efforts to ensure dialogue structures are meaningful, that our networks have strong organizational capacity to deliver, and that young people have multiple channels through which they can hold their government to account at all levels.


FAHAMU, ONGEA, SIKILIZWA II - speak and be heard
The constitution and the elections formed critical moments in the lives of young Tanzanians, and provided a window for Restless Development to contribute to youth engagement from local to national level, to ensure that young people were informed about and actively participating in the constitution and election processes.

In a consortium led by Oxfam, and funded by DFID and USAID, Restless Development provided civic education to ensure that citizens, especially young people, have the relevant knowledge of the constitutional review process and 2015 electoral process to exercise their rights. We reached 622,877 young people, while 273,670 young people participated on and offline to share their views through the Youth Manifesto, which has been enshrined by the new government. Another key success was the adoption of the National Youth Council Bill and a new MOU with the Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports to provide technical support to the establishment of the bill.

Youth Power Tanzania

KIJANA WAJIBIKA - Youth be responsible
Through Kijana Wajibika young people will take their place at the center of development and government processes and will drive accountability and responsiveness from government on their commitments, such as those made during the elections, through the national development framework and the Global Goals.

Restless Development Tanzania are building a movement of young people who have civic knowledge, are demanding information and collecting data on their concerns, such as those expressed in the Youth Manifesto, to ensure they are embedded and implemented through Tanzania’s 5 year (2015-2020) National Development Action Plan. These young leaders are using their knowledge, data and networks to participate in political and democratic processes as active citizens to advocate for their rights. With our media partner Tanzania Bora Initiative we are amplifying the voices and advocacy efforts of young people on a national level, attracting greater attention and greater chance of action on the part of decision makers. We are also supporting local governments and institutions to be more accessible and responsive to youth voices, ensuring that opportunities exist for young people to participate in meaningful decision making and that governments at a local level are able to advocate upwards within government for young people’s concerns.

Through Kijana Wajibika we are building a strong and sustainable civic infrastructure by unlock young people’s agency, empowering them to take a leadership role and be meaningfully involved in all stages of development, including accountability and review. The peak youth generation is more educated, tech-savvy, connected and involved than ever before, they are taking action and demanding their right to be involved in decisions that affect their lives. Young people are uniquely positioned not only to deliver change in their communities, but to inform and influence every aspect of development. They have unique perspectives and experiences that are crucial to understanding the impact of development, and providing solutions to improve outcomes.

Kijana Wajibika is currently implemented across 6 regions of Tanzania: Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Kilimanjaro, Iringa, Pwani and Morogoro. We would like to share our gratitude to our committed partners who are funding the work, including SIDA, the European Commission, Ford Foundation and Making All Voices Count and Civicus DataShift.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.