We recognize that youth population is rising with 66% under 25 in Tanzania. That’s a huge potential resource for accelerating the development and growth needs of the nation. Yet this potential is largely untapped.

There are currently 900,000 young people entering the job market in Tanzania every year, with only 4% successfully completing secondary level education, we recognise the importance of young people being able to escape poverty via self-employment.

We focus on identifying, building, and strengthening informal out of school groups of young people, especially vulnerable girls who are often excluded from enterprise development. During the identification stage, we proactively engage with the community and local authorities to identify informal groupings of young people, we conducted assessments of the groups in a semi-structured format spending time directly with the group as well as evaluating them against a set of criteria; once we have identified a set of groups we focus on three key core skills phases to be addressed, which include:

‘culture and mindset’ of the young people in the programme
financial literacy
formal enterprise development training
We implement enterprise training using the SIYB package (Start and Improve Your Business Programme) via our 11 alumni youth trainers. Once training is done, the trainers and our field based volunteers provide advice and guidance to the groups to development business plans, conduct market assessment, and in the initial stages focus on building up savings.

For savings, we utilise the Vicoba model. As the businesses start to develop we aim to link the groups to local providers such as SACCOS, TASAF, youth development funds, and local banks. We also aim to link with experts who can support development of the technical aspects of the business (product development, hard skills development etc).

We aim to visit our groups on a quarterly basis to follow up on progress, and aim to review learning with the groups every six months, and phasing out our support within three years handing over to registered, organised micro-enterprises with increased income sources and sharing their successes with young people and the community through increasing group membership and social development activities with the community.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.