Akshatha’s Story

Akshatha is a 26-year-old architect from Mirjan, Uttara Kannada in India living in Bangalore. She has been working to tackle the impacts of change in Bangalore. 

Go Nisha Go

A Game of Choice, Not Chance to meaningfully engage young people. The Go Nisha Go game aims to empower adolescent girl game players to become active decision-makers in their own lives especially when it comes to becoming better equipped to make decisions and achieving positive health, safety, career, and educational outcomes. It is a digital …

Youth Power in 2022

No one else knows more about youth issues and how to solve them than young people themselves. We are the experts. – Mialy, 24, Youth Researcher from Madagascar The world continues to face unique challenges. From climate change and economic inequality to political upheaval and social injustice, the world is changing. Young people are at …

Sangeeta using a computer.

Sangeeta’s Story

“I’m going to be a doctor and help community members.” Sangeeta is a 14-year-old student from Ganjam, India, who wants to become a doctor.  Like many girls, Sangeeta has been facing gender discrimination at home. Sangeeta’s father has made attempts to make her drop out of school to fund her brothers’ education. He also wanted …

India hub’s work on violence against children recognised by UN

A case study on our work in India on prevention of child marriages through children and youth-led strategies has been published in a special report from ‘The Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children, United Nations’.