South Africa Hack

On Friday 19th February we held the second in our #YouthPowerHacks series.

54 young people from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Swaziland gathered to hack solutions to the global goals.

Seeing young people come together from different backgrounds to be passionate about solving global issues that affect us all was really inspiring. Young people have the power to do so much!

Remofilwe, participant in the South Africa Youth Power Hack
Visual minutes from the hack, courtesy of More Than Minutes

In a poll at the hack:

% believe young people can hack solutions to the Global Goals
% will go on to take action as a direct result of the hack
Participants at the hack.

Participants hacked solutions to the Global Goals around education and livelihoods, focusing on compounding factors like COVID-19, climate change and the digital divide, and building on their lived experience to create ideas that work for real people.

The ideas that have been brought forth were incredible. I love how in touch with the realities of young Africans all of them were.

Participant at the hack.

Finally, check out this amazing performance by Esethu Sotheni written especially for the South Africa hack:

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