Rest Less Go Further – The Climb

If you like getting fit and healthy, some friendly competition with your colleagues and supporting great causes, Rest Less Go Further is for you!

We’re excited to launch this virtual distance challenge which will take you 585 miles and up 5,200 metres between our two hubs in New Delhi, India and Lalitpur in Nepal.

Throughout the month of June, commit to the Rest Less Go Further challenge to run, walk or cycle (or swim, kayak, or any way you want!) to cross the Himalayas. How many times can your company team make the journey? There will be prizes for the team who gets to Lalitpur first, the team who climbed the highest and the team who makes the most trips between India and Nepal!

Ready to take on the challenge? Just assemble your favourite colleagues to form your team, set up your Strava to log your miles and get fundraising for Restless Development. Get ready to make the climb, have a blast and support young people transforming their communities across the world. 

We’ll support you every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rest Less Go Further?

If you’d like some motivation to stay fit and healthy, raise money for good causes and friendly competition with your colleagues, then Rest Less Go Further is for you! Rest Less Go Further is a month-long virtual distance challenge completed as a team of ten by walking, running, swimming, cycling or any movement of your choice!  Just track how far your team goes, fundraise for Restless Development and compete with other teams. 

This virtual challenge will take you across 585 miles plus 5,200 metres of elevation to travel between Restless Development’s hubs in New Delhi India and Lalitpur in Nepal – so get ready to climb every mountain and keep running up that hill for this challenge! Choose to cross the Himalayas as many times as your team can go!

There will be prizes for the team that reaches Nepal fastest, the team that journeys between India and Nepal the most times and the team that raises the most funds. It’s a big challenge so we’re asking each team to challenge themselves to go the distance and raise 10,000.

It’s a fun way to create a bit of friendly competition with your colleagues whilst raising crucial funds to allow young people across the world to solve the biggest problems in their communities. 

All you need to do is sign up and turn miles into milestones! 

Sounds great, how do I take part?

Signing up for Rest Less Go Further couldn’t be easier! You can sign up on our website here. Rest Less Go Further – The Climb – Restless Development

Start by grabbing your colleagues and assemble your team of ten – remember you can have multiple teams in an organisation, so corral your colleagues, mention it to your manager and get HR involved-see how many teams your organisation can get involved! Once you have your teams signed up, get ready to go further. Pick the month you want your challenge to start, then all you have to do is get fundraising and get moving! 

What counts towards our team goal?

Quite simply, it could be anything! Walking, running, cycling, kayaking-if you can track it, it all counts! Feel free to get creative-it’s a perfect way to find out Dave in accounting has a hidden unicyling talent.

How do we track our miles?

It’s simple to track your team’s distance. Make sure everyone on your team has a Strava account and create a team and ensure every time a team member makes a move, it counts towards your epic journey. Full instructions on how to do this are here. Make sure it’s up to date-there’ll be a running total on the leaderboard on our website!

To set up a team on Strava, you need to;:

  1. Make sure everyone has downloaded the Strava app!
  2. Open the Strava app on your phone and head to the Groups tab.
  3. Tap Create a Group Challenge and walk through the steps to fill in the details of your monthly Rest Less Go Further challenge, setting out when your challenge should start, your goal, what activity types will count toward it and who you want to invite. Don’t forget to add Marissa so she can see how far you’re going!

Any fundraising ideas?

Our fundraising guide here is full of tips and tricks and the Restless Development team are here to support you every step of the way. You’ll soon find your team hit their £10,000 target! Start by setting up your team’s Justgiving Page, and check out some fundraising ideas here!

Fundraising ideas

There are so many great ways to fundraise! Here are just a few ideas and if you need anything please contact Marissa in the fundraising team (  

Get your company to match your fundraising

Many workplaces will be thrilled to match what you fundraise – ask yours if they’d be willing to do it too! It’s the easiest way to double your total.

Raise funds in the office 

There are lots of easy ways to put the fun into office fundraising! 

Start by setting up a JustGiving page for your team – once your page is set up, you can just share the link and people can easily donate online, whether they’ve bought something from your team or just making a donation. You can also log any money raised off the page, so you can keep track of how you’re doing against your overall target!

Once registration is complete, you will automatically be directed to fill in your email address to either sign in or create a JustGiving account. Enter a Page Title and Fundraising Goal. You will be redirected back to your ‘receipt’ where the link for your team’s JustGiving page will appear. Click on the link to be taken to the JustGiving page. Now you can start fundraising!

Get selling

Does your office have a sweet tooth? If so an office bake sale might be the best way towards a sweet boost to your fundraising. Office plant sales are another popular alternative selling tool if you’re green-fingered. Get creative and consider the strengths of your team – there’s bound to be some hidden talents you can tap into!

Get creative 

Is your office all about having a bit of fun together? How about an office jargon jar – if nothing else, it’ll make it worth your while when your boss wants to “circle back” to something! Another great option is to 

Get virtual

If your office is a bit more keen on virtual fun, an online quiz with a donation to participate is a tried and tested way to boost your fundraising!

Above all, make sure everyone in your workplace knows about the challenge-ask for your fundraising efforts to be shared in any internal newsletters or other roundups, pop it on your social chat messaging threads – whatever you’re doing will be more successful the more people know about it!

Use your networks

Ten people in a team mean ten different networks of friends and family who can support your valiant efforts! Let those you love know how hard you’re working to keep fit and raise vital funds.

Share updates as you go along the challenge-that might be pictures from your cycle, telling everyone when you’ve made it to a significant milestone along the way, or even a particularly gruesome blister!  Let everyone know how the team are getting on. You’ll receive a weekly update from Restless Development about the overall challenge leaderboard, which is a great opportunity to brag or galvanise your team to keep pushing!