A Restless volunteer encourages community members to wear a mask during the pandemic.

Young People for Covid-19 Governance

Championing youth-led accountability.

The Youth Participation in COVID-19 governance is a youth-led accountability and governance project that facilitates a dialogue between Government, local authorities and young citizens. It aims to increase the transparency in decision making, amplify young people’s voice and help young citizens, local authorities and the government collaborate to fight COVID-19.

Emmanuel Phiri conducting door-to-door sensitisations on preventative measures against COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Goals:

  1. Young people should be informed about prevention measures, why they are needed, why decisions were taken and what is expected of them.
  2. Local authorities and governments should know what issues young people face, the impact of the pandemic on them, whether their needs are not being met, gaps at community level, instances of miscommunication and enforcement of prevention measures.
  3. Young people should be invited to participate in decision-making processes where their inputs are listened to.
  4. Young people should be empowered to take actions against COVID-19, guided by government and Local authorities.