Young girls participating in a class discussion held by Restless Development Zambia.

The Ubunonshi Youth Empowerment Project

Realising youth leadership.

Education and economic well being are two things that make a huge difference in securing a bright future for young people. Our Ubunonshi ”Youth Empowerment” programme helps to ensure that young people have the skills, knowledge, and the support they need to succeed.

In collaboration with Irish Aid, Zambia Open Community Schools and CAMFED, we target a critical stage of the journey of young people, especially young women and girls, as they complete secondary school and move into adulthood and a career.

We financially support young women and men, including those with disabilities to continue their education after secondary school. We provide them with career guidance and life skills. Our support provides an opportunity for young people to further their education and improve their future employment prospects. Our mentoring goes further still by helping young people learn the skills necessary to pass on their learnings. This in turn builds their self-confidence and leadership skills.