Youth Steering Group Member


Salary: Paid Based on individual time commitments and expertise
Location: Global
Closing date: 20 May 2022

About Restless Development.

We have just launched our new global strategy –  at the heart of everything we do is Youth Power:  the collective power of young leaders to create a better world.   We also recognise that how we do our work is as important as what we do. We take a power shifting approach. We recognise the growing inequalities and injustices and are intentional in our efforts to shift power, enabling young people and communities who have previously been marginalised to lead.  

We are feminist, inclusive, gendertransformative and anti-racist in our approach. We are grounded in communities and work in partnership to ensure young people lead with their communities. We recognise historic power inequalities and aim to decolonise development. 

We recognise the barriers that women, girls, non-binary people, people living with disabilities, and young people with different ethnicities, religion and sexual preferences face in the communities in which we work. We want to proactively shift power and ensure every young person is able to lead and create a just and sustainable world and access their rights.

We are a non-profit global agency. We are independently registered and governed in nine countries (India, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, UK, USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe) bound together by our vision for youth power.  We are a global team of 214 people based in 13 countries and we also host a growing youth collective of youth organisations in 185 countries.

We are committed to creating an agency that paves the way on youth-led change and walks the talk on power shifting.

About the Role.

Restless Development and STOPAIDS are recruiting a new Youth Steering Group that will convene and support young people in donor and emerging donor countries to drive change on the reprioritisation of global HIV and AIDS.

This Group will be made up of youth representatives between the ages of 18 – 35 who are working with HIV and AIDS focussed youth organisations, movements and networks in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, UK and USA

Requirements of the Role
There are several important requirements for this role, in particular:
● Participating in three onboarding and induction calls the week of the 30 May 2022.
● Attending monthly coordination and planning calls.
● Dedicating between 2 – 4 hours per week to the work of the Youth Steering Group (this is a general estimate of time, and might be slightly more or less depending on upcoming activities and deadlines).
● Have regular and reliable access to the internet as most coordination will be via online platforms and using Google Docs.
● Strong spoken and written English – as most communication will be conducted in English – other languages definitely considered an advantage.
● Write a campaign blog or opinion piece at least once during the duration of the term.

This is an exciting opportunity for young leaders to join a diverse global network driving action and leading #GenEndIt campaigns. Members will be supported with all required training and resources especially on global coordination, communications and campaigns.

About You.

We are looking for members to join the Youth Steering Group who:
➔ Are part of an existing active HIV and AIDS youth organisation, network or movement.
➔ Bring previous experience collaborating with other young people to help design or deliver a campaign at either local, national or global level on HIV and AIDS.
➔ Have strong knowledge of the causes of HIV as a public health threat.
➔ Have experience of working effectively and collaboratively as part of a virtual team.
➔ Bring a strong sense of commitment to the mission of #GenEndIt.

How To Apply.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the #GenEndIt Youth Steering Group, please submit the following by 11:59pm CET on 13 May 2022:
➔ a short video of yourself (of no more than 2 minutes) explaining your motivation for wanting to join the Youth Steering Group. Please note, this is not expected to be a professional video, just a recording made on a handheld video recorder, mobile phone or tablet. We encourage you to be creative and show us your personality! Please share the video as either a We Transfer or google drive file, or on a YouTube link clearly labelled with your name in the application form.
➔ complete an online application form (should take no more than 20 minutes) to share more about your interests and experience, which is required for this role.

For more information please contact Natasha Broad