Consultant: Module Development – India


Salary: Paid Not to exceed INR 110,000/- (inclusive of taxes)
Location: India
Closing date: 26 July 2021

Restless Development India is hiring a consultant to develop Youth Engagement Modules for young boys and girls in Urban slums of Chennai.


Restless Development is a global agency for youth-led development. We support young people to demand and deliver a just and sustainable world for all. We work to make sure young people have a voice, a living, sexual rights and are leaders in preventing and solving the world’s challenges. We listen to young people, our work is led by young people and together we help young people make lasting change in their communities and countries.

In India, Restless Development is registered as Student Partnership WorldWide India Project Trust. Restless Development delivers programmes in Bihar, Delhi, Jharkhand, Odisha, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu at present. Restless Development works through the model of young volunteers through a peer education approach whereby youth lead and deliver transformative change in communities.


In India, we invest in young girls & influence their male peers and immediate ecosystem to be more gender equitable to their unique needs. This includes working with parents, gatekeepers and community leaders. This understanding is rooted in the fact that working with girls alone and empowering them may not lead to desired gender equitable norms in the communities. This approach requires not only empowering girls but also simultaneously undertaking interventions with those in the immediate zone of influence around girls.


Restless Development has embedded this approach in all of its work on gender equity. It is currently implementing a direct project in Chennai urban slums adopting a similar ecosystem influencing model for achieving gender equality. The approach involves working with girls under a core premise that if young girls are empowered with life skills and leadership skills coupled with skills and resources to influence decisions and take charge of their life, it will lead them to exercise their rights.

The project is impacting adolescent girls with agency, rights, autonomy and leadership while ensuring that participating girls gain the skills, competencies and connections they need to have choices and negotiate their environment. Simultaneously, the project is reducing the risk of resistance to girls’ success by fostering gender equitable norms among male peers, families and communities through intentional engagement with their male peers and families.

The core focus areas of the project are:

  • Creating gender transformative community environment 
  • Gender transformative behavioural practices by significant others by being supportive of adolescent girl’s choices and independent decision making – Creating enabling that supports girls’ aspirations by fostering gender equitable norms among boys, households and communities
  • Preparing adolescents towards making informed life choices by providing them with specific modules on self, self-efficacy and resourcefulness

We are seeking services of a consultant to help us create the modules on self and self-efficacy that will be delivered with boys and girls in urban slums in Chennai. The modules will be used for lesson translation by youth facilitators with our youth club students. These Club (youth) meetings are held separately for boys and girls in the age group of 10 – 18. The module development should be based on a suggested standardized framework provided by Restless Development, however the consultant is open to add more needed and necessary components.

About the role.

The consultant will create the curriculum following the outline below ensuring that the module is adaptable to online transactions as well (considering online quiz, games, videos etc.) 

Total Curriculum Delivery Time12 hours in total (this will be broken down into specific sub-modules that will be delivered independently through a series of sessions with the target population) 
Expected OutputThe Consultant should submit print ready version (soft copy) and one hard copies of each modules indicated below

1. Offline Module

Purpose –  Youth Facilitators of Restless Development will use the module to take sessions as outlined with groups of 15 students at our Youth Resource Centre. The module should use a group activity based and non formal approach. 
Deliverables by Consultant – 
– One Facilitators Manual 
– One Student Workbook
– Necessary Handout

2. Module for Virtual Engagement 

Purpose – Youth Facilitators of Restless Development will use the module to take online sessions as outlined with groups of 15 students through the zoom platform. The module should use available online videos, have online quizzes and be designed for an interactive participation.
Deliverables by Consultant
– Facilitators Manual
– Student Workbook
– Presentation deck for each session
Curriculum MapSelf-Identity and Awareness, Changing Body, Changing Mind, Social Construction of Gender, Power and Patriarchy, Prioritizing and Goal Setting, Leadership
Curriculum TopicsModule 1: Self
Self-Identity and Awareness, Social Construction of Gender, Power and Patriarchy, Body and Hygiene, Cycles of Violence, Gender-based Violence, Collective Responses to Violence, Understanding Emotions and Relationships

Module 2: Self-Efficacy
Effective Communication, Prioritizing and Goal-Setting, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Leadership and networks
Standard Module FrameworkWelcome to Module TextBrief instruction to themeWhat is in this module/ Module objectivesModule Delivery timeBreakdown of module activities and components Resources required to deliver module
Key Concept (Introduction, what it means, space for receiver input and listening)
Activities that will foster experiential learning on the key concept of the module (these must be developed keeping under consideration that the session delivery might be online or in-person). 
Conclusion and key takeaways for young people 
Key points and instructions for the facilitator 
Content Requirements and language The module content will require non-academic and engaging language, meant to be easily understood by newcomers to concepts of self, self-efficacy and resourcefulness. The module content will require a conversational tone that the facilitator can easily replicate to deliver the session. The modules explain theoretical concepts in a simple, activity oriented manner since the receivers are going to be young people learning about these concepts and topics for the first time. The modules must have an element of action and advocacy that empowers young people receiving the curriculum to take action, where possible. The modules have scope to be adapted easily into online/ remote delivery to account for COVID-19 restrictions on physical gatherings and potential lockdowns.


Remote. (Participation in the project will be home-based and will not require any traveling).


The consultant will be required to submit the following in English.

  • A framework for the offline and online modules, which must contain a clear outline of the approach and content for each topic. 
  • Write modules (containing facilitator manual and student workbook)  for both online and offline delivery. 
  • Final modules (containing facilitator manual and student workbook) for online and offline delivery post review and feedback from Restless Development. 


This is a time sensitive assignment with the final modules to be submitted by 31st August 2021 

Support from SPW India Project Trust.

To  support  the  successful  completion  of  the  project,  the  consultant  will  be :

  • Briefed on the requirements and timelines through a detailed induction call
  • Provided with necessary resources 
  • Provide feedback on the drafts of the reports submitted

Consultancy Fee.

Consultancy Fee: Not to exceed Rs. 110,000 (inclusive of all applicable taxes)

Submission Request.

Interested individuals are requested to submit the following;

  1. A writing sample and a link to relevant work 
  2. Latest CV 
  3. A detailed proposal mentioning clearly the proposed methodology for the scope of work, relevant past experience, support expected from Restless Development and a quotation. Please refer to Annexure A for the instructions.

Required documents should be shared with by 26th July 2021. Selected proposals will be called for an online interview and the work will be commissioned by the 1st week of August.