Climate Kiruchitra: Call for YOUNG FILM-MAKERS OF BENGALURU


Salary: Paid If selected, up to INR 1 lakh will be awarded for each short-film production based on the idea and support required.
Location: India
Closing date: 20 March 2024

About us: Restless Development India

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About the Project and Call

Bengaluru, a city that’s at the cusp of an endless growth. The city has long been a popular place to live,  from the historical days of Kempegowda, the architect of Bengaluru to today’s technology companies – Bengaluru has embraced millions of us through its favorable climate and ample economic opportunities. It’s a city at a 900m altitude that built its complex man-made water system without a natural water system, it’s also a city that saw these interconnected lakes and water pathways bulldozed in the name of development. It’s a city that dubbed as the “city of lakes” and “city of gardens”, but also a city that lost more than 90% of its green-cover in the last three decades. Today, the city is pushed to its edges to still provide resources to its 15 million dwellers.

As the global and regional climate stability is deteriorating with each passing year, the city has been seeing its impact in a more accentuated way, especially in its informal, marginalized settlements. Exacerbated by climate change and fueled by uninhibited urban infrastructure development, in the last few years, the city is witnessing constant flooding, water resource disappearance, an increased heat island effect, and reduced green spaces. If not addressed, Bengaluru could become a boiling cauldron. The challenges are aplenty, while the city has also seen some of the most impactful citizen-led action to mitigate these – from rejuvenating the lakes to creation of new green-spaces, from social innovations to technological solutions. There are champions who are setting the templates, and silent warriors who are weathering the storm.  There are stories that need to be told – from complex challenges that communities face to innovative solutions addressing these. There are tales of immense resilience to incredible efforts. There are narrative that are unheard, pictures unseen, stories uncaptured. There’s a sense of urgency in bringing them alive, to share and to push for change. That’s where Climate Kiruchitra seeks to be a catalyst.

Thus, the proposed Call for Climate Stories will focus on – 

  • Documenting and sharing the various narratives and firsthand experiences of climate change and its effects, as well as describing how locally led, community-driven solutions are attempting to change perceptions or bring about change 
  • Evidence building through these documentaries to reach the general public and stakeholders involved.
  • Screening of documentaries at the launch event of the Climate Platform.

About You

If you are someone who is passionate to create impact through Visual Storytelling,

  • Between the age 18-35 years;
  • A filmmaker with an affinity for social impact stories;       
  • Care and passion to capture City- Community – Climate narratives;

How To Respond To This TOR

  • Please submit your ideas in Kannada or English using the google form link shared here – CLIMATE KIRU CHITRA FORM by March 20, 2024.
  • Final video submissions, no longer than 10 minutes in duration, must be submitted by May 20, 2024, once selected.