Restless Youth hitting the streets and hitting the headlines

10 Oct 14
Sierra Leone

This week the world woke up to the Ebola emergency, and while Ebola stories have started to increasingly hit the headlines, our Restless Mobilisers have been hitting the streets with life-saving messages for weeks now.

Their aim is to mobilise communities so that they are prepared to beat ebola. The Restless Mobilisers have been comprehensively trained, so that they can approach community leaders, visit households and use their resources, such as stories, pictures and posters, to provide information and advice about Ebola.

Community mobilisation is about ensuring that everyone is able to:

  • Avoid contact with Ebolaebola infographics
  • Spot the symptoms and signs of Ebola
  • Act safely and urgently if they see the signs of the virus
  • Easily access treatment, prevention and support services
  • Trust the health service providers: health workers, nurses, doctors, interns etc.
  • Actively support and celebrate Ebola survivors

This massive campaign, the first of its kind in Sierra Leone, has been led by young people like Mohamed Lamin Turay and Mamusu Tarawalie, two of the 200 volunteer mobilisers, whose stories have been collected by Andrew Jack and featured today on the Financial Times (please register to read the full article, it only takes a minute).

“Ebola is really affecting us,” MOHAMED says. “It’s an extraordinary challenge but it can be prevented.”

We are working hard to keep Ebola contained at a community level; to ensure people are aware of the risks and enabled to protect themselves. We believe this is possible, thanks to our young leaders, their engagement in this fight, and the support from the governement and local leaders.

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