Restless Development Honored to Host Blood Donation Camp

09 Apr 14

On March 27, 2014, Restless Development organized a blood donation camp in cooperation with the Nepal Red Cross. Seventy-five people from different organizations such as UNICEF, UNFPA, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Youth TV, Restless Development alumni and more participated in an effort to save lives and raise awareness about this pressing humanitarian concern.

Blood Donation group photo

“There is an acute shortage of blood in the Nepal Blood Bank,” said Sangita Maharjan, a Restless Development Programme Officer who helped organize the event in just three days. “As part of our corporate social responsibility, we felt honored to participate in this noble cause.” Arranged at minimal cost, the event was a great success with almost fifty people donating and many others learning about this critical issue.

Restless Development Country Director Ravindra Shakya felt both proud and grateful. “The Red Cross has been so supportive of us; for example, they give our staff emergency trainings,” he said. “It was time for us to pay them back for all they do, and what better way than to donate blood to help others” This was the first blood donation camp Restless Development has hosted, but Ravindra plans for more events soon. “So many people have come, and so many are first time donors, so it’s a trend that we are setting,” he said. “It’s helping people know how they can help others in very positive ways. Restless Development feels very proud to be part of such an important cause.”

Woman donating blood

Sangita agrees. “We can all do so much with so little effort,” she said. “Donating blood saves lives. It’s the least we can do for our wonderful community and for our country as a whole.” Hari Nath Dangol, an ex-volunteer donated blood for the first time and said he is “motivated to donate blood again and again.”

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