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21 Jan 13



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Restless Development Tanzania signs contract with the Canadian International Development Agency to engage youth around the new constitution.

On Monday 14 January 2013, Restless Development Tanzania signed a contract with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to implement a project to educate and engage young people on the constitution process in Tanzania.

The Government of Tanzania is currently undertaking an 18 month nationwide constitutional review process. This process is an opportunity for the population to engage in policy-making and highlight issues that are of importance to them. The constitution is the basis on which all other laws and policies are based, and as such mass engagement is essential. As the largest demographic in Tanzania, young people must be involved.

66% of Tanzania is under the age of 25.  They are the most affected by development issues with 15-24 year olds forming 53.3% of the unemployed and 45% of new HIV infections[1]. They are recognised as a major target group for aid, but are often excluded and under-utilised as a resource. 

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This project will demonstrate that young people can and must play a constructive role in the constitution review process.  We will inform and engage young people across our five target regions[2], and across an additional three regions through a project partnership with VSO[3]

We recognise that the constitution is just one element of civic participation, and that it is essential young people engage with it in order to enhance good governance, transparency and accountability leading to more accountable development strategies which are relevant to the citizens of Tanzania e.g. employment and investment climate. To this end, this project will be an initial 'stepping stone', providing the mechanisms and platforms to engage young people on future governance matters.


Website: www.restlessdevelopment.org/tanzania

Email: margaretm@restlessdevelopment.org

[1] Tanzania AIDS Commission Report 2008 and UNSTATS Millennium Development Goals Report 2012
[2] Iringa, Mbeya, Ruvuma, Dodoma, Dar es Salaam
[3] Kagera, Lindi, Mtwara

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