International Year of Youth in Sierra Leone

23 Nov 12

In Sierra Leone, we are supporting the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, UNFPA and other partners to coordinate a Multisectoral Strategy on Adolescent and Youth People’s Health. This strategy aims to tackle all aspects of young people’s health and wellbeing with a particular focus on sexual and reproductive health. Restless Development is playing a key role in coordinating the activities of the implementing partners which encompass five ministries, several UN agencies and a number of national and international NGOs.

The Multisectoral Programme for Adolescent and Young people focuses on five key outcomes:

  • To improve access to appropriate health information for adolescents and young people
  • To improve access and utilisation of health services by adolescents and young people
  • To enhance the social, legal and cultural environment for the health of adolescents and young people
  • To improve community participation in the planning and implementation of adolescents and young people’s health programmes
  • To improve the management and coordination of adolescent and young people’s health programmes 

As part of its coordinating role, Restless Development convened the first coordination meeting of implementing partners on 8th November at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in Freetown. The meeting was attended by a wide range of implementing partners. The purpose of the meeting was to share the achievements of implementing partners so far, to highlight upcoming activities, to strengthen collaboration and technical support among implementing partners and, finally, to develop shared targets and M&E activities.

Dr Samuel Keitell,  the Director of the National Schools and Adolescent Health Programme at the Ministry of Health, said in his closing remarks, “This strategy is one big step towards the fight against teenage pregnancy and other issues.  People will take the multisectoral programme as an example of strong and effective partnership and coordination.”  

Sierra Leone Hilda Alberta

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