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04 Jan 12

Last month saw the release of the latest and special edition of ‘Participatory Learning and Action’ – the world’s leading informal journal on participatory approaches and methods – bringing the realised potential of young people across Africa into excitingly sharp focus. What’s more, Restless Development’s very own Jessica Greenhalf, Uganda Country Programme Director is guest editor!


Young Citizens: Youth and Participatory Governance in Africa’ provides unique examples of how participating in policy making and governance is starting to re-shape the way young Africans perceive and exercise citizenship in powerful ways. Young people are truly at the heart of this publication having been involved in proposing research questions, conducting the research and writing the articles themselves. Over the course of 13 articles and a selection of ‘tips for trainers’ the book presents the young people from across Africa who are exercising their right to participate – while developing the knowledge, skills and confidence to affect change.

According to the editors McGee and Greenhalf:

“If policies, plans and budgets are to be relevant to youth, they also need to be informed by their realities, priorities and perspectives. Yet – until now – little documentation focuses on young people’s perspectives and roles in governance processes. But young people are starting to drive change in creative and unexpected ways. There is much to learn from the ways that they are challenging norms and structures that exclude them, engaging with the state and demanding accountability.”


To that end please don’t hesitate to take as much or little time as you can, at some point soon, to give this book a read and forward it to anyone you know who might be interested. Click here to read it.  

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