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25 Nov 11
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December the 1st is World AIDS Day, 30 years since the first case was identified. 30 million people have died as a result of AIDS since then and young people account for half of all new infections, that's approximately 3 million a year. Here at Restless Development we want to see that figure reduced and eventually eradicated and you can help us on the 1st December by getting involved in some of our online activities!

Think. Share. Tag - We ask ''What does HIV/AIDS mean to you?'' It can be a memory from a volunteer placement, a personal experience, a story, a fact...anything related to HIV/AIDS! Think about it, write it down, take a picture, post it on our Facebook page and tag your friends! Urge your friends to get involved and change your profile picture to it and change your status to: "Young people account for half of all new HIV infections. This is over 3 million a year. Think, Share and Tag with me on World AIDS Day at Restless Development."

Learn - On our Twitter and Facebook pages we will be posting facts and pictures on AIDS and the work that we are doing worldwide to combat it. You can learn more about the problems that AIDS causes people on the ground and what effects it has on their society. We will also be posting some of the steps we are taking to alleviate the problems for those suffering from AIDS.

Quiz -  Test your knowledge of AIDS! From 1pm until 2pm on World AIDS Day we will have a quiz on our Twitter page to test how much our followers really know about AIDS with a few questions on our work thrown in for good measure!

Act - For the first time in history we can speak credibly about bringing an end to AIDS. The results of a huge clinical trial published in May prove that if people living with HIV receive anti-retroviral treatment, is prevents the spread of the virus to their partner. It is an incredible 96% effective! We need your help to make sure our leaders grasp this chance. Ask David Cameron to declare his commitment to bringing an end to AIDS.

Celebrate - Join young agents of change and peer educators in a celebratory event at the Stephen Lawrence Centre from 5pm-9pm. Through dance4life, these young people learned about HIV, AIDS and other international development issues, and have organised this event to tell their community all about it through music, DJs, spoken word, representatives from Brook, graffiti, dance and much, much more!

We hope you can get involved with us on World AIDS Day and lead the steps to a world without AIDS!

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.