Alumni Network Launched

21 Jul 11

As part of the value for money drive, our internal auditor has initiated a NGO sector wide benchmarking exercise on goods and services sent out to 112 organisations in Tanzania. We have received positive responses from around 21 organisations (18% response rate), and will be following up with another drive for responses. The data for this exercise will be analysed in July, and shared back with participants in August as well as donor partners who have supported this exercise, including Sida.

Also, we are currently reviewing and formalising our partnership work with Pasha MOEVT so that we can contribute to more effective monitoring and evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of the approach.

Excitingly, between July and September, we plan to conduct research with young people to inform the design of our future livelihoods, employment and civic participation programmes. Our findings will also form part of our State of Youth Research in Tanzania. We are in dialogue with the International Labor Organization about collaborating on this piece of work. 

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.