Alumni Network Launched

16 Jun 11

We've committed to providing increased and improved support to our Alumni over the next 5 years. Through our new Generation of Leadership approach we want to ensure that we support our former staff and volunteers to take on leadership roles in their communities and countries around the world.

To do so in a meaningful way we need to know how we can best support our Alumni. That’s why we are asking the real experts: you!

We'd love to know what we can do that will really make a difference to you and help you progress in your professional and personal life.

So let us know what you’re doing, what your development needs are and how you want to get involved with the Alumni network. By taking 5 minutes of your time to fill in this online survey you'll help us to design initiatives that meaningfully respond to want you want.

Alumni Consultation

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.