Girl-Led Development in Rwanda

16 Dec 10

Girl Hub, a global network of advisors and advocates for girls in the developing world, has contracted Restless Development to conduct a research project with young girls in Rwanda.

Girl Hub is a joint initiative of The Nike Foundation and The UK Department for International Development (DFID). The initiative is working to ensure that girls in developing countries are involved in the design and implementation of policies and programmes that affect them. Girl Hub’s mission is to unleash the ‘Girl Effect’; whereby the 600 million adolescent girls in the developing world have the chance to grow into healthy mothers, active citizens and educated members of their societies – and transform their families, communities and nations along the way. In order for Girl Hub to be effective, they are conducting research in Rwanda to understand how to facilitate the ‘Girl Effect’. The research aims to gain a greater understanding of girls’ lives in Rwanda and to involve them in the design of potential interventions to improve their lives. In order to conduct this research, Restless Development has partnered with Bell & Payne Consulting who provide research consultancy services to help understand people and their lives from their own perspectives with a view to informing the design of more relevant and meaningful social policy and programming overseas and in the UK (see Bell & Payne Consulting is providing research expertise for the project including the development of the girl-led research approach (in line with Restless Development’s principle of youth-led development), in-country fieldwork, analysis and reporting. Steve Bell, of Bell & Payne Consulting, is a great admirer and supporter of Restless Development having formerly been a former Volunteer Peer Educator himself. A young female staff member from Restless Development (South Africa) is working as part of the in-country research team to learn about the research process, to help build Restless Development’s capacity to deliver expert technical assistance, research and development portfolio.

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