Leaving a gift in your Will to young leaders

Investing in the next generation of leaders.

Ten years ago, few of us could have predicted the challenges we are facing globally and locally today. We are living in an increasingly unpredictable world, and with more information than we have ever before had access to, we cannot foresee every challenge that will be faced by the next generation, and more so still what the right solutions will be for them.

But we know who will be there answering those questions.

The next generation will be leading their communities through whatever challenges threaten them socially, economically and environmentally. 

Young leaders will be creating a better world for all of us: our families, our children and their children in many generations to come.

We know this, because they already are.

From young entrepreneurs setting up sustainable farming businesses to provide for themselves and their communities, to girls paving the way for themselves and their peers to stay out of child marriages and choose their own path in life, to curbing the impact of emergencies like the earthquake in Nepal or the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

The next generation of leaders is an investment that multiplies. They will be passing the torch and mentoring, training and nurturing more young people to become leaders ready to solve whatever challenges the world may throw at them.

Making a will was easier than I thought it would be. I was able to leave 1% of my estate to Restless Development. It’s given me real peace of mind knowing that I’ve contributed to making sure the future is in safe hands.

One of our generous legacy donors

If or when the time is right for you to think about leaving a gift in your Will to Restless Development’s young leaders, the information you need to help you with your decision is in our booklet.

Alternatively, leave your details in the form below and we will share it with you by email or post.

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Restless Development are partnering with Beyond to offer a free Will to our supporters.

We want to make sure leaving a gift in your Will to young leaders is accessible to all of our supporters, so we have partnered with Beyond to offer a free legally-binding online will to those that need it.

Why are we partnering with Beyond?

Beyond are an accessible way for anyone to create a Will online in as little as 15 minutes. Each Will is checked by legal experts so that it is legally binding, and Beyond are trusted by 1,000s of happy customers. They provide national will registration and physical storage of Wills for free, and you can make unlimited updates to your will at any time.

If you live outside of the UK or have a complex estate, this may not be the right service to meet your needs; please contact giulia@restlessdevelopment.org with any questions.

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