Annual Report of the year 2020

The Annual Report covers the major programs and events, story of resilience, voices of young people, and how youths stepped forward as superheroes to fight the challenges brought by the pandemic.

Youth Take the Lead Learning Document

A review of the lessons learnt from the ‘Youth Take the Lead’ programme, written by its participants. Youth Take the Lead is a six month exchange project led by Restless Development in partnership with the Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (NOREC). It focuses on enhancing youth leadership across three Restless Development Hubs: Nepal, Tanzania and …

Tackling mental health challenges in Nepal

Female Community Health Volunteers: The backbone of Nepal’s healthcare system. Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) form the first point of contact for basic health services in local communities for the treatment of common diseases. They deliver essential maternal and child healthcare and outreach services for immunisation. They also provide mental health support and help women …

Saraswoti’s Journey

Saraswoti Nagarkoti, 18, is from Godawari Municipality in Lalitpur, Nepal. She lost her mother to cancer when she was just nine months old. On finding out that her mother passed away due to unavailability of prompt and accessible healthcare, she decided to become a doctor.

ICS update

The current phase of the ICS programme, delivered by VSO in partnership with Restless Development and Raleigh International, will come to its planned end in December 2020.

Organisation Development Toolkit

In coordination with Amplify Change and the Rainbow’s Rare Project, Restless Development Nepal has produced this guide to Institutional Development, human resources and financial management.

Covid-19 Booklet

This is an introductory booklet on Covid-19 created under a joint partnership with the National Youth Council and UK Aid.