The IF Campaign


Big IF London, 8 JUNe 2013

On the 8th June 2013 tens of thousands of people gathered in Hyde Park at the #BigIF London to make a massive noise and demand G8 leaders tackle the silent scandal of hunger.

On the day David Cameron held an International Hunger Summit in the capital, and together we planted a breathtaking field of flowers for the 2 million children who die because of hunger each year, creating an iconic image that shows we can change this ‐ that there can be enough food in the world for everyone. 

IF Campaign Big Event

There will only be enough food for everyone IF we make G8 leaders end the scandal of tax dodging in poor countries, invest in nutrition, stop small farmers being forced off their land, and use land for food not biofuel.

Read more here on this event in the words of our volunteer Joe.

David Cameron and the other G8 leaders will act to end hunger, IF and only IF we show we care and demand they take action.


Half the world is under 25. That’s 3.5 billion people.

If there is enough food for everyone, why do people go hungry?
Enough Food #IF is a national campaign aiming to highlight the injustice of food security and availability in developing countries. By highlighting four key areas, the #IF Campaign and its 100+ charity partners are working towards eliminating world hunger.

The Asks

  1. Aid – Enough food for everyone IF we give lifesaving aid to stop children dying from hunger and help the poorest families feed themselves.
  2. Land – Enough food for everyone IF we stop poor farmers being forces off their land, and we grow crops for food, not fuel.
  3. Tax – Enough food for everyone IF governments stop big companies dodging tax in poor countries, so millions of people can free themselves from hunger.
  4. Transparency – Enough food for everyone IF governments and big companies are honest about their actions that stop people getting enough food.


Restless Development is part of the Youth & Schools Working Group for the #IF Campaign. This means we support youth engagement and strategy plans. We are also part of the Youth Project Team, which means are aiding in the design and delivery of regional workshops for 100 young people throughout the UK. Our CEO, Nik Hartley, also sits on the Campaign Joint Committee Board ensuring that young people are a core part of the campaign.


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