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get involved in policy and practice

Our policy and practice work is led by young people and we actively encourage youth to get involved.
The following options are valuable platforms and spaces to for you to contribute your voice to shaping policy and practice and to be heard:


The Major Group for Children and YouthMajor Group for Children and Youth (MGCY) is the officially recognised space within the UN process for Sustainable Development to facilitate the voices of children and young people. The MGCY aims to ensure that the interests of children and youth are taken into account in the planning and decision making processes.

The MGCY has a formal role in UN processes, including the post-2015 development framework negotiations and the High Level Political Forum, and through network and colloborations has strong teams that contribute to policy negotiations. The MGCY also works to inspire and empower  youth activism through a series of working groups, aimed at bringing people together to help build the global youth voice.

The network engages with young people (anyone under 30 years) from around the world. For more details on engaging with the network, please visit their website here.

Beyond 2015

post 2015

Beyond 2015 is a global civil society campaign, pushing for a strong and legitimate successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals. The campaign, created in 2010, is built on a diverse, global base. It ranges from small community based organisations to international NGOs, academics and trade unions. A founding principle of the campaign is that it is a partnership between civil society organisations from the ‘North’ and the ‘South’ – bringing together groups from developing, emerging and developed economies.

We seek to create a civil society consensus around a minimum standard of legitimacy for a post-2015 framework, both in terms of the process and the framework itself. Using this consensus, Beyond 2015 aims to influence the creation of such a framework at both the national and international level.

MyWorld 2015


OVER 7.5 million people have voted on their priorities for a better world. See the results here:


Act 2015

act 2015!Act 2015 is a movement building initiative that aims to secure a post-2015 development framework that advances the SRHR and HIV response for young people. ACT 2015 also aims to inspire action on the priorities of the youth constituency within national AIDS responses.

ACT 2015 is about mobilizing young people around the world to ensure HIV remains a priority in the post-2015 agenda and that sexual and reproductive health and rights gets recognized for the first time ever in major UN goals.

ACT 2015!


We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.