Prossy’s Story

The experience I gained as a volunteer for Restless Development has opened up a world of possibilities for me as a female leader.

Prossy Nakirya is a 27-year-old District Female Youth Councillor and a Minister for Productions in Jinja District.

“Living in Uganda is quite challenging because of the leadership we are under. The central leadership still lacks transparency. Programs are never made known to the public. We also face the challenge that the top leaders are well-paid while those at the bottom, such as local council leaders, are not. Because of the lack of motivation and finances, they are unable to visit their constituents to see what issues they are experiencing.”


Many young people in Uganda lack effective participation in governance processes due for various reasons. One of them is poor education and training where young people are not prepared for such engagements at an early age. 

At the local level, socio-cultural norms further inhibit the participation of young people in the planning and decision-making processes, on the basis of gender, age and (dis)ability. Local decision-making spaces are traditionally dominated by older men who do not appreciate or encourage young people’s participation in these processes.

The Youth Influence in Governance project implemented by Restless Development aimed to strengthen the capacity of young people to actively engage in planning and budgeting processes, to effectively participate in electoral processes, and ultimately to participate actively and effectively in democratic governance processes. As a result, young people would be equipped with the analytical skills and appropriate information to make informed decisions through active learning.

Prossy was contesting for a leadership post by the time she became a Young Advocate (volunteer) for the Youth Influence in Governance (YIG) program.

The Youth Influence in Governance (YIG) program IEC material had content that taught young people how to get involved in voting, and what steps they needed to take. I was fortunate that at that moment, I was campaigning for a post and in my bye-elections. So I was creating awareness within my community and also reaching potential voters


Through volunteering with  Restless Development,  Prossy and other young people are now civic conscious and are actively taking up platforms where they can engage and constructively, and participate in decision-making processes irrespective of their religion, age and gender. 

Prossy creating budget awareness for the young people in her community in Busede sub-county.

Prossy is now a District Female Youth Councillor and a Minister for Productions in Jinja District. She represents people from 7 sub-counties namely: Busede, Buyengo town council, Buwenge rural sub-county, Buwenge sub-county, Namagera town council, Butagaya sub-county and Kakira town council. Working with Restless Development has also made her an opinion leader in her community. 

Additionally, Mutebi, a young person from one of the communities where Prossy was doing budget literacy and awareness, is now the Vice-Chairperson of the Youth in Jinja. His involvement in politics was made possible by encouraging them under the activities of the YIG.