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Thanks to your help we can support hundreds of thousands of young people lead on lasting change in communities around the world.

The Schools Triathlon wouldn’t be possible without our incredible volunteers who join us on event day to make sure every young triathlete taking part can enjoy their day in a safe environment.

About the Schools Triathlon

The Flight Centre Schools Triathlon unites thousands of young people through the power of sports. Channelling their passion into something remarkable by swimming, cycling and running whilst raising life-changing funds that goes towards making the world a better place.

Since 2015, this event has witnessed more than 12,000 young people take part and raised over £1.3 million for Restless Development and over 80 charities. And this year is set to be our biggest year yet with over 5,600 young people ready to take part.

So why not join the community, support young people do something remarkable and be part of this exciting movement.

Volunteering on the day

Having an amazing bunch of volunteers on the day ensures that every penny raised can go to Restless Development and other charities that the event supports.

The day is full of fun for all involved and you’ll be swept away by the energy and enthusiasm! If you don’t know too much about triathlons, don’t worry as anyone can volunteer. We’ve got a role for everyone, whether its saying hello to all the excitable triathletes and signing them in at registration, making sure the children (and parents) get to where they need to, or watching teams jump across the finish line and handing out medals and goodie bags at the finish line – there’s never a dull moment.

Details about the event

Volunteer shifts start at approximately 8:00am. Full day volunteers are provided a complimentary lunch and snacks throughout the day!

We’ll be in touch closer to the date with crucial details.

Look forward to seeing you on the day!

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At Restless Development, we take safeguarding very seriously and are committed to preventing harm to children, young people and vulnerable adults, and promoting their health, well-being and human rights. We have robust measures in place to ensure high standards of safeguarding across our organisation and activities. This includes the Flight Centre Schools Triathlon. We work hard to prevent issues from arising using our safeguarding policy, our code of conduct, our Whistleblowing Policy, and our robust recruitment systems for staff and volunteers. After completing this form, Restless Development will be in touch to provide you with our Global Safeguarding Policy and a Code of Conduct that you will be required to review and sign ahead of volunteering at the event(s).

Keeping in touch

We'd love to keep in touch ahead of the triathlons. By opting out of communications, we will only be in touch via email on necessary details (for example volunteer briefs and safeguarding matters) a few weeks ahead of the event. Please don't take our silence as not caring, we are still excited to see you on the big day! Being a volunteer for these events is more than just about the day. Be part of our community, keep up-to-date with all the exciting news from the Schools Triathlon as well as how much, with your support, these inspiring triathletes have raised, and how far their donations has gone in supporting Restless Development programmes across the globe. You don't want to miss it, it's powerful stuff!