Donor Finder

Reducing barriers to accessible funding information.

Join us to learn more about how the CIVICUS Donor Finder tool can help you access funding opportunities, and how tools like this can support a well resourced and thriving youth civil society.

Thursday 1 July // 10 am BST / 12pm EAT / 2.30pm IST // event time: 30 minutes

Activists, organizations, movements and civil society groups around the world face numerous challenges in obtaining resources, and these start from the moment they try to access relevant information on donors and funding opportunities. Information is often not available in their language, is sometimes very scattered or is confusing and incomplete.

To facilitate this search for resources, the CIVICUS alliance published the Donor Finder, a directory of progressive donors providing resources for civil society activists, organizations and groups, including small and informal ones. In this next Donor Dialogue, we will introduce the Donor Finder tool and discuss the importance of making this type of information more accessible to civil society.