“Wrong for UK to break aid promise”

Today the UK government announced a cut in the overseas aid budget from 0.7% to 0.5% GDP.

Rosanne Palmer-White, Restless Development UK Director said:

“It’s wrong for the UK government to break its promise on 0.7% aid, never more so in the middle of a global pandemic.  COVID-19 has shown that we are all so connected, that for everyone to be safe we must all be safe.”  

This decision is the latest blow to young people and communities around the world.  Since the onset of the pandemic we’ve seen inequalities and injustices rise.  Young people and their communities have been working hard to fight back and this latest announcement will likely cut a life-line for so many people in the most vulnerable situations today.  

We are proud of the role that UK Aid has played to date in tackling injustices, including partnering with young people on a range of issues from stopping  the spread of covid, ending Ebola in Sierra Leone to helping women and girls access family planning.  The UK’s aid commitment has ensured leadership on the global stage. With the G20 and COP approaching in 2021, it is crucial for the UK to be stepping up, not stepping back when it comes to the biggest global challenges of our times.

We’re grateful for all those who have worked hard to date to ensure that UK aid was protected, and held to account, and appreciate the role that young people have played championing aid both in the UK and elsewhere. Now more than ever we will be working to ensure you are connected and have your voice heard.”

Read Restless Development’s response to the merge of DFID and FCO in June. 

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