Resilient Realities research launched

The research project is being launched by Restless Development, Recrear International and The Development Alternative.

The innovative research project will explore the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on youth civil society around the world. It will capture how youth-led civil society organisations are being affected, and demonstrate the different types of resilience and response these organisations are leading in their communities.

The Resilient Realities report will share recommendations on the kinds of conditions and resourcing that need to be in place to support youth-led response and recovery to Covid-19. We strongly believe a rich, diverse and functioning youth sector is critical if we are to end the pandemic and ‘build back better’, and this report will help to identify practically what this support must look like.

We have seen many organisations launching research and consultations on the impact of Covid-19 on young people – but our research and this report is going to be different. This is not a top down consultation process where our organisations have designed a questionnaire that aims to survey young people on their experiences. No, this will be very different. Resilient Realities is youth designed and youth led – from start to finish. Young people know better than anyone else the questions we need to be asking youth civil society organisations to understand how Covid-19 is affecting them.

This report will be an opportunity for 12 young people from 12 different communities around the world to help us understand how youth civil society organisations are being affected by Covid-19 and how they are responding.

Meet our 12 Youth Researchers.

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