Believe in better paper sets out new recommendations for accountability

The UN Youth Envoy and ActionAid Denmark, supported by Restless Development and the Major Group of Children and Youth (MGCY), have launched a new working paper – ‘Believe in Better’.

Believe in Better provides insights on youth-led accountability approaches and experiences around the world, based on the stories and feedback from youth activists and advocates.

It offers specific recommendations for governments, civil society and international organisations on how to make accountability processes more inclusive of young people – in all their diversity.

Even though they are undoubtedly the generation most impacted by the delivery of the 2030 Agenda, young people are not passively waiting for change to happen. They are taking matters into their own hands; leading initiatives in their communities, countries and at the global level to advance and monitor the implementation of the SDGs.

Jayathma Wickramanayake, UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth.

During the launch event of ‘Believe in Better’, Andrew from our Youth Power Panel spoke about his experiences in Cameroon and the work he has been leading to ensure no young people are left behind.

The role of young people should transcend occupying leaderships roles to active membership in audit/evaluation committees. Most importantly, municipalities should organise inclusive Voluntary Local Reviews which could ensure active youth-led accountability processes at the local levels. Finally, information sharing (through town hall meetings or social media platforms) would ensure that youths are informed on ongoing actions. This could build momentum for improved collaboration and learning to improve development outcomes.

Andrew, Youth Power Panelists.

Believe in better provides important guidance and is a useful advocacy tool for inspiring action to put youth-led accountability front and center of the Decade of Action, and as we start to Build Back Better from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Young people across the world are leading and driving forward action to ensure by 2030 the promise of the Global Goals are fully realized; whether coordinating campaigns to spread awareness on the Goals and improve meaningful youth participation, engaging in shadow reporting processes, collecting citizen-generated data or developing their own youth-led monitoring frameworks or championing awareness of the Global Goals.

It is clear that youth-led accountability is essential for ensuring a just and sustainable world for all.

Freya Seath, Senior Advocacy Manager, Restless Development.

Read the report: Build Back Better