Give big for Youth Power this Christmas

This year Restless Development will be taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019 to fund young leaders changing the world. From Tuesday 3rd December to Tuesday 10th December every £1 donated (through the Big Give website) will be doubled, up to £37,500. 

 The Big Give website matched funds raised, with an equal donation from philanthropic partners of the Big Give and some of our own supporters who have kindly agreed to match donations. The Youth Power fund needs to hit a target of £37,500 to raise £75,000, to place change making power in the hands of young people around the world. You can make this happen by donating now. The impact these young leaders have can be huge, and just £10 can train 9 young people to take action in their community to challenge harmful traditional practices. 

The Youth Power Fund will do exactly what it says: funding youth power.

Over half the world’s population is under the age of 30 and 90% of these young people live in developing countries. Young people have the power to solve the challenges we face in our world, from gender inequality to climate change, but they are often ignored and overlooked. Never before and never again will there be such a large generation of young people ready and able to deliver change. We have a historic opportunity, and a historic duty to unleash Youth Power on the world. £50 could support 10 young people to return to school after a disaster strikes, and continue learning the skills they need to take on these challenges. 

The money you donate will be used to support our programmes across the world. Your donation will support campaigns that engage communities in curbing child marriages and violence against women and girls. Your donation will help young people to learn the skills necessary to make a meaningful living. Your donation will give young people the opportunity to pull themselves and their communities out of poverty. Your donation will help young people to stop the spread of AIDs, confront the damage of climate change and build a sustainable world. Your donation will unleash youth power.