Zero Tolerance

zero tolerance

The Zero Tolerance programme is a collaborative effort between USAID, UNICEF and Restless Development, which aims to reduce the prevalence of school related Gender based violence activities in Nepal, and establish child and adolescent-friendly procedures to respond to incidents of GBV when they occur.

The programme aims to establish and strengthen the connections between education and child protection actors to ensure that schools are free from gender-based violence activities in all its forms. The programme provides training, mapping, advocacy and awareness activities for school actors to children to know about their child rights, the impact of GBV (including the child marriage) and the legal and social consequences. It also helps in the development of systematic reporting and referral mechanism to monitor and respond to the incidents of school-related gender-based violence to ensure that victims or the children at the risk of violence are appropriately supported and have access to child- and adolescent-friendly services. The programme aims to create learning environment that are GBV-free, and where girls and boys are empowered to protect themselves and counter harmful social norms and practices diligently. The programme is implemented in Parsa, Rautahat, Mahottari and Dhanusa districts.

This program is implemented with the help of local partner NGOs, in coordination of government authorities such as District Education Office, Women and Children Development Office, District Development Committee and District Police Office in Central and Eastern Terai. In total, 148 Young Champions (48 male and 100 females) have been trained and mobilized in schools and community to raise awareness through life skill session. Likewise, International day of Girl Child and 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence was observed with a meaningful participants from the districts.

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