Zambia - Procurement and Administration Coordinator

Closing date: 18th June

Salary: ZMW 114,600 gross per annum

Preferred Start Date: 3rd July, 2017

Location: Kabwe, Zambia

We are living in a time of Peak Youth. Never before and never again will there be such a large generation of young people ready and able to deliver change in their communities. These young people will provide not just the leaders of tomorrow but the energy to bring change today.

Restless Development has recently launched an ambitious new Global Strategy. Responding to the Priorities of young people with a Model for transformative change, our strategy will pioneer both a new type of decentralized Agency locally driven, globally connected and responding to young people and a Youth Collective allowing thousands of local groups & organisations and millions of young people to lead change.

Cutting-edge, values-led and dynamic in our culture, we work out of ten global hubs to offer expertise, support and innovation for youth and partners around the globe. We are Restless. We are unleashing the power of youth to change our world.

Restless Development Zambia has since 2003, been equipping youth to voice their priorities; facilitating their access to decision makers for accountability; and supporting platforms for youth to demonstrate that they are effective change agents. We strengthen government, institutional and civil society partners’ capacity to engage with youth. Our evidence based policy engagement is unique in its approach, cutting across government, private sector and the NGO sector and this has set us apart as an innovative partner in development.

We are looking for a passionate and dedicated individual with plenty of potential to succeed in a global agency focused on empowering young people to lead change and development. The successful candidate will be responsible for strategizing to find cost-effective deals and suppliers on behalf of the agency.

Please send a completed application form to by 18th June 2017. Please note that we do not accept CVs or cover letters.






We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.