With strong partnerships at the national level - including with the Ministry of General Education and the National Youth Development Council - Restless Development Zambia is also an influential leader in monitoring sexual health and rights commitments across the region through the East Africa Commitment on Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

Our view on living rights 

Restless Development Zambia delivers its Living programming using a variety of models; from diversifying sources of income and supporting young people, especially girls and young women to access financial and entrepreneurial skills and training, to facilitating access to government schemes and grant start up initiatives by young people.

The Tusunge Lubono (Let’s Grow Our Wealth) programme, funded by Financial Sector Deepening Zambia (FSDZ), contributes towards the goal of establishing a financially educated Zambian population by 2030 through providing financial literacy training for in- and out-of-school vulnerable young women and girls.

The hub also runs the Zambian Girls 2030 programme in schools, focusing on the adolescent girls’ retention and transition to tertiary education through career guidance. Read more about the project in our Sexual Rights section below or watch this video: 

Our view on Sexual Rights

Restless Development Zambia delivers youth-led social accountability actions through the SIDA funded TIKAMBE (Let’s Talk) project. Through Tikambe, young people in Lusaka, Central and Northern Provinces are empowered to demand greater government accountability in relation to their SRHR need as well as accessing training to practice healthier SRH behaviours.

To read more about the TIKAMBE project, click here.

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Funded by UNICEF, The Zambia Girls 2030 project aims to support and keep adolescent girls in school. Part of the project involves strengthening the Ministry of General Education’s Career Guidance and Counselling and capacity building workshops for guidance and counselling teachers in the selected 200 schools.

Our view on Vocal Rights

The Comic Relief and Queen’s Young Leaders funded ‘ISHIWI!’ (My Voice) is a youth-led accountability initiative which combines the expertise of Restless Development Zambia and BBC Media Action to address youth priorities, enable them to participate in key democratic processes and hold decision makers to account. Young people are supported to take action through youth-led peer to peer action, using media to increase access to information, generate discussion to engage citizens, and ultimately be involved in the critical decisions that affect their lives.

With support from the British Council, Restless Development Zambia is implementing ‘Voice for Action’ - an intervention using social accountability tools, methodologies and media to facilitate dialogue and engagement between pupils and office bearers in the education sector, as well as taking and sharing best practices from selected schools to replicate in other areas of Zambia. The project ensures that community and school voices are strengthened and their capacity to demand change within the education sector is increased.


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