Zambia - Expression of Interest: External Audit Firm

Expression of Interest: External Audit Firm

Closing date for submission: 30th July 2017

Restless Development is a global agency for youth-led development. It supports young people to demand and deliver a just and sustainable world for all. This global agency is run out of strategic hubs in ten (10) countries across Africa, Asia, UK and USA, with a wider network of partners and Volunteers across the world. It works to make sure young people have a voice, living, sexual rights, and is leaders in preventing and solving the world’s challenges.

Restless Development is a locally registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development to implement youth-led and youth focused development interventions in schools, communities and teacher training institutions (Colleges of Education).

Since 2003, Restless Development Zambia has been equipping young people to voice their priorities; facilitating their access to decision makers for accountability; and supporting platforms for young to demonstrate that they are effective change agents. The agency strengthens government, institutional and civil society partners’ capacity to engage with young people. Our evidence based policy engagement is unique in its approach, cutting across government, private sector and the NGO sector and this has set us apart as an innovative partner in development.

Restless Development Zambia has its headquarters in Kabwe while other offices are in Lusaka and Mongu.

Scope of Audit

Restless Development is seeking to recruit the services of an External Audit firm to conduct our end of year audit for period 1st October 2016 to 30th September 2017. The scope of the audit will include the following:

• Confirm whether Restless Development Zambia management has kept proper accounting records during the period.

• Determine whether the financial statements agree with the accounting records and comply with International Accounting Standards.

• Obtain confirmation and reconciliation of the Restless Development Zambia’s bank accounts.

• On a sample basis, determine whether the Restless Development Zambia is getting value for money on its purchases of goods and services by comparing costs incurred with the prevailing market prices, physical verification of some of the procured goods to ensure that they exist and authentication of financial documents.

• Express an opinion on whether Restless Development Zambia’s Financial Statements are a true and fair representation of the Country Programme’s activities, assets and liabilities.

• Produce a detailed management letter specifying observations and recommendations based on the audit findings.

Eligibility Criteria

Interested firms/companies must provide:

1) Valid Business Certification
2) Valid Certificate of Incorporation
3) Valid NRA Tax Clearance
4) Company profile, which should include organizational Track Record, experience and staff structure.

Expression of Interest

Interested organisations are requested to submit a technical and financial proposal. The technical proposal should include a work plan, duration of audit work and capacity and qualification of key staff under this assignment. The financial proposal should include a clear break down of all related costs.

The Expression of Interest (EOI) should be submitted in a sealed envelope with name and contact details of the organization and addressed to the address below, or emailed to

The Chairperson
Procurement Committee
Restless Development
6 Gweembe, Street
Kabwe, Zambia.

Closing date for submission is 30th July 2017




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