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Eva is 15 and lives in Malinzanga, Tanzania. Eva and her classmates have big ambitions for their future, but without access to basic things like clean water, it's hard for them to stay in school and achieve them. In 2014, young people in Malinzanga wrote to their leaders asking for clean water at their school.

They are still waiting.

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Eva's petition has NOw reached 150,000 SIGNATURES. Thank you to everyone that has supported Eva.

On Friday 03 June 2016 Eva handed in her petition to leaders in Tanzania. Follow #StandWithEva and #YouthPower for more updates.

There's still time to #StandwithEva, and young people everywhere, by signing her petition (full petition text below). With bold new Global Goals agreed by world leaders, now is the time to make sure the new Tanzanian Government deliver on promises made.

Together, we can make sure that the voices of young people everywhere are heard by their leaders.

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Dear Tanzanian Leaders,

Please take action and provide clean water and other essential services for Eva, young girls like her, and her community, and make it a priority to deliver the same for every person in Tanzania. We're counting on you to lead by example and turn the promises made in the new Global Goals into real actions that could change lives.

Thank you.


Ndugu viongozi wa Tanzania!

Tafadhali chukueni hatua katika kutoa huduma ya maji safi na huduma nyingine muhimu kwa Eva, mabinti wenzie na jamii kwa ujumla -na kuhakikisha mnaweka ahadi na kutoa kipaumbele ili kutimiza ahadi mlizotoa kwa kila mtanzania. Tunawategemea na kuamini kuwa mtaongoza kwa mfano katika kutekeleza ahadi zilizowekwa katika utekelezaji wa Malengo ya Maendeleo Endelevu ya Dunia kwa vitendo na ili kuleta maendeleo stahiki na mabadiliko katika maisha.


ONE and Restless Development #StandwithEva in solidarity, helping to spread her message and inspire other young people to turn the promises made in the Global Goals in to real action that changes lives.


18th February 2016 - Stand with Eva campaign launched

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